“Best NFT Farming Games in the Metaverse 2024”

Best NFT Farming Games in the Metaverse
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In this article, complete guide about farming games in Metaverse, Best Metaverse Farming Games 2024 is provided. These games are created to cultivate their users in the Metaverse and players can earn crypto, NFT and real money by playing these virtual world games. Want to know what Metaverse is? Well, Metaverse is the virtual world that can be accessed using electronic devices using the Internet. The Metaverse is a 3D world 🌎.

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Cropbytes Farming game in the Metaverse
Cropbytes Farming game in the Metaverse

Cropbytes is a crypto farm game – In April 2018, Cropbytes game was created. Farming in this game works like the real world where users own assets, grow crops and sell them in exchange for cryptos like TRX or CBX. When you sign up in this game, a starter pack of assets is given for a 7 day trial which is used for farming, once this trial is over the farmer needs to purchase assets to continue farming. Farmers can sell produce, milk, and more in exchange for real cash or crypto while farming continues.

Is Cropbytes free to play?

Yes Cropbytes is free to play, if you play this farming game from Metaverse you will get paid. Virtual farmers or players get paid in TRX and $CBX farms.

How do you make money on Cropbytes?

To earn money in Cryptobyte game, simply convert your extract into CBX tokens or start your own farm by selling crops, animals, collecting utilities, getting property.


FarmPoly NFT Games
FarmPoly NFT Games

FarmPoly – Another farming game in the Metaverse inspired by the FarmVille game. In this game player (farmer) earns farmpoly tokens by building a farm, feeding animals, raising crops. The main objective of these games is to attract users by marketing it as a play-to-earn game. The game’s future plan is to reward their users’ contributions through blockchain economic design. FarmPoly’s next plan is to start mining bitcoins as well as get into gold and real estate.

FarmPoly Token

FarmPoly Token is created on BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), FarmPoly Token’s ticker code is $POLY and its price is $0.011, with a market cap of 571,651.82.

Plants vs Undead

Plant vs Undead | The best NFT game Farming game in the Metaverse
Plant vs Undead | The best NFT game Farming game in the Metaverse

Plants vs Undead (NFT Garden) is another popular game in the virtual world, called Metaverse. The game was launched in June 2021 as a pay-to-win game. This is a multiplayer game and to earn money or crypto in this game the user needs to protect the plants from the “undead” by fighting them. Users earn PUV tokens by saving more and more plants. Undead vs Plants itself is unique because it is a completely free game where the user does not have to pay anything to play.

Plant vs Undead token

This game token is also generated in Bnb Smart Contact (BEP20). The token ticker code is PUV. The current price of PUV Token is $0.04, with a market cap of $2,187,122.91.

Plato Farm

Plato Farm Farming game Nft game
Plato Farm Farming game Nft game

Plato Farm – is another legendary Metaverse game built on blockchain technology. This game is very interesting where the player has a small farm in the virtual reality world. Players can grow plants and raise animals. In this game players have the option to earn tokens like Mark and Plato by making the land fertile and building villages and cities on the barren land. Players of this Plato ecosystem game can create their own in-game guilds as well as earn while playing.

Plato Farm Token

BEB20 – Platform Token created on Binance Smart Contract. The ticker code of Platform Token is PLATO PLATO’s current price is $0.01 USD with a total market cap of $1,168,540.37.

Farmer’s world

Farmers world Farming game Metaverse
Farmers world Farming game Metaverse

Farmers World is an NFT game that continues on the WAX ​​blockchain platform. This game is very similar to real life farming. In this game players can use different farming tools, cultivate land, buy and sell land which can be used to build farms. Overall, this game feels like you are a actual farmer and working in a actual ecosystem of farming. So, it is the best farming game in the metaverse and “WAX” is the main token used in this game for transaction purposes.

How to make money in the farmer’s world

Cultivating crops, raising livestock and mining gold are the main methods of earning money in the farming world. These items can be sold in the market in exchange for wax tokens, or these items can be used as barter purposes, giving crops to other users in exchange for animals.

Howdy Game (Honest Farmer)

The best farmer HFC Farming in the Metaverse
The best farmer HFC Farming in the Metaverse

Honest Farmer’s Club is a popular game created on a multiplayer network. All games by farmers will be launched on level-2 scaling network as it is environmentally friendly. The currency used in this game is POTATO tokens. In this game, young boys and girls can form a team in a virtual world (metaverse) and they can explore each other’s farms and grow potatoes and sell them for money in exchange for tokens. Hardy Farmers Club has their unique NFT.

Happy Land

Happy Land - Farming Game in the Metaverse
Happy Land – Farming Game in the Metaverse

Happyland Farm Game (Happyland Finance) is one more revolutionary game in the Metaverse. It’s a play-to-earn game on blockchain inspired by the countryside of Texas (USA). Players of this game are farm owners and earn money by raising livestock, growing crops and building an attractive farm. Players can create their own unique style farms. These games also have their own NFTs that can be earned by players and they are equally available on NFT sales platforms.

How to make money in Happy Land

Use Happy Lands to earn money or tokens, grow crops, plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers and use the given land.

Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm nft game Farming Metaverse
Wanaka Farm nft game Farming Metaverse

Wanaka Farm is another popular game from Metaverse that can be called a popular virtual reality game created on the play-and-earn model. The player can breed pets, grow crops, cultivate land and decorate their land in the virtual world. This game land can be used to rent to others. So, that they can farm on it and vice versa, after farming, the produce can be sold in exchange for WANA tokens. Game assets are designed as NFTs.

Wanaka Farm Token

The Wanaka Farm Token has also been created at the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) address. The ticker for Wanaka Farm Token is “WANA”. The current price of WANA is $0.05 USD with a market cap of $2,191,975.44 USD.

Wanaka Farm is legit

Currently, there are very few people talking about their WANA token, so it is difficult to judge whether Wanaka Farm is a legitimate project or a scam project.


Finally, this article is about the best farming games in Metaverse and how they work and how to make money in Metaverse by playing these farming games. While researching farming games, selecting the list of games was very difficult, but we found it especially for our users Gameplay, and crypto, NFT and methods of making money are discussed. If you like this article please like, rate and share it.

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