GRR dividend dates 2024| Grange Resources Dividend History

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Summary: In this article, we will provide complete information about Grange Resources’ dividend history and the GRR dividend date of 2024. Furthermore, we will also discuss Grange Resources dividend reinvestment, whether Grange Resources is a good buy, and whether I should invest in Grange Resources.

What is Grange Resources (ASX: GRR)?

GRR operates a consolidated iron ore mining and pellet manufacturing business in Tasmania’s North West region. The main vision of Grenage Resources is to produce raw materials used for steel production in an economical and efficient manner. The company’s operations are more stakeholder-focused, efficient, and flexible. The mines at Sanjay River, Port Lata, and Southdown are owned by Grange Resources Limited. Jiangsu Shagong is the company’s major customer and shareholder.

GRR dividend dates: 2024

Per share10c——-
Declaration date25 Feb 2024 (Fri)24 Aug 2024 (Wed)
Ex-div date11 Mar 2024 (Fri)12 Sep 2024 (Mon)
Pay date29 Mar 2024 (Tue)29 Sep 2024 (Thu)
GRR dividend dates 2024

Grange Resources Limited (GRR) dividend history

Distribution TypeDividendEx-dividend datePayment dateDividend Yield
H F Result10 Mar 202328 Mar 202310.08%
Result13 Sep 202230 Sep 202210.08%
H F Result10¢11 Mar 202229 Mar 202210.08%
Result10¢15 Dec 202129 Dec 202110.08%
Result13 Sep 202130 Sep 202110.08%
H F Result12 Mar 202130 Mar 202110.08%
Result14 Sep 202030 Sep 202010.08%
H F Result03 Mar 202030 Mar 202010.08%
Result10 Sep 201928 Sep 201910.08%
H F Result14 Mar 201930 Mar 201910.08%
Result11 Sep 201827 Sep 201810.08%
H F Result13 Mar 201829 Mar 201810.08%
H F Result0.5¢14 Mar 201729 Mar 201710.08%
Result0.5¢8 Sep 201627 Sep 201610.08%
H F Result13 Mar 20152 Apr 201510.08%
Final22 Mar 20144 Apr 201410.08%
Interim12 Sep 20132 Oct 201310.08%
Final8 Mar 20133 Apr 201310.08%
Interim12 Sep 20122 Oct 201210.08%
Final3 Apr 201228 Apr 201210.08%
Interim19 Sep 201113 Oct 201110.08%
Grange Resources’ dividend history

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Grange Resources Dividend Reinvestment

Currently, we do not have any solid information about Grange Resources’ dividend reinvestment. Therefore, we do not want to provide half or invalid information to our users.

Graze resources are a purchase

Yes, Grange Resources is a buy as their revenue is increasing day by day and their EBIT margin has increased by 22.5 percent, which is amazing. Furthermore, if you look at a share price chart of GRR you will see an upward trend over the last 5 years. If your view is long-term investment then be sure you can go with this part and please do your own research before investing in any company.

Should I invest in Graze Resources?

It depends on you, but from our side it yes due to many factors like the continuous upward trend in the share price since last year. AU$87m worth of shares are held by insiders which creates a clear picture that the company is doing well. Another factor is that their EBIT margin has also increased in 2023 compared to the previous year.


Overall, in this article, we have discussed the GRR dividend date 2024 and Grange Resources dividend history. As the demand for iron ore is increasing at a dramatic pace day by day, this type of equity investment can be profitable in the long term. If you like this article please give us 5 stars from the top right corner and share it with your friends.

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