The first metaverse where soccer may be played MetaSoccer.

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Until now, you have played football with friends, with teams, with family, and alone, but all this is only in the physical world. Soccer is a well-liked game that everyone wants to play, but what can we do to make it even more fun?

Day by day, everything is moving towards the Metaverse, Blockchain, and Crypto You can create your dream home in the metaverse, create avatars like you, shop in the metaverse, buy land, and even get married in the metaverse. But how far can we go?

The answer is MetaSoccer MetaFootball is about earning football metaverses on the blockchain. Popular metaverse projects such as Decentral, Sandbox, and NextEarth also have digital land to buy, but something different makes it more enjoyable. Soccer in the actual world and the metaverse are intended to be connected by Metascore.

What is MetaSoccer?

Meta Soccer, a play-to-earn game from Champion Games, is a new era of soccer with over 1 million active users in Barcelona, where players can play soccer in the Metaverse. The game runs on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain and is based on the Play-to-Eron model, similar to popular Metaverse games such as Axie Infinity, Gala, Xenopet, etc.

MetaSoccer merges the metaverse, cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and video games into one platform. Users can purchase player NFTs, or they can create their own avatar in the game. They can play matches, bet on other players or teams, and sell or rent their players for profit. All players are given their base token in $MSU.

Meta Soccer allows its users to play soccer in the metaverse without the need for any equipment required to play physical soccer. Participants have the ability to select when and where they want to play. They can select their desired role in the game like goalkeeper, striker, defender, etc.

How can users benefit from Meta Soccer?

Users are the backbone of every project. They can decide the future of the project. Without users, a project is nothing but a project MetaSoccer puts users at the center of the ecosystem

Users will benefit in these ways:

  • Earning: Users can earn a decent amount of money by playing the game.
  • Open Source: The game is open source, which means that anyone can see the building blocks of the project.
  • Asset Ownership: Users can own players, game assets, NFTs, etc.
  • Exchange: All assets in the game can be easily exchanged for profit.

Types of roles in MetaSoccer

Just like physical football, metasoccer also has its role. To start playing the game, you need a player. That player can have any role Each player will first join a youth scout. The mental period lasts for three real days. The age of each new player will be 25 to 30 years, and the life of the player will be 65 years.

After the mentorship period, a player can take on these basic roles:

  1. Forward Player
  2. Midfielder
  3. Goalkeeper
  4. Defender

In the future, users can get specific roles like right wing-back, center-back, right forward, etc.

Special Abilities

A player may have special skills that can be enhanced through education, aging, roles, etc. through specific actions.

Here are some special skills that a user can get:

  • Penalty Stopper
  • Kicker Goalkeeper
  • Caesar’s defender
  • Dribbler
  • Warrior
  • Penalty kicker

What are $MSU and $MSC coins or tokens?

$MSU and $MSC are the core tokens of the MetaSoccer ecosystem Can be used for both purchases and expenses.


$MSU, which stands for Metasoccer Universe, is the core token of the Metasoccer ecosystem. It runs on the ERC-20 blockchain It is the main currency or token that is used for most operations Users can use $MSU to buy players, NFTs, teams, etc. It is a governance token or currency that can be used for voting.


$MSC, which stands for MetaSoccer Cash, is the core token of the MetaSoccer ecosystem, but its usage differs from $MSU. It is used in-game purchases It can be used to buy players, level up players, match, rent, and pay all rewards in $MSC.

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How do I earn MSU and MSC coins in MetaSoccer?

Meta Soccer is an earn-to-play game where users earn $MSC and $MSU coins for playing games. They can withdraw their coins to crypto exchanges for their benefit.

Users can earn it by:

  • High ranking on the leaderboard
  • Player Sales
  • Stadium/Team/Player Rentals
  • sponsor
  • Betting on the match
  • win the match
  • Ticket sales of matches

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